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Basic HelpWatch
Just a watch until you need it to be more.
  • Unlimited one-touch emergency alerts with voice-to-voice calling
  • Customized emergency contacts
  • Samsung hardware included with purchase agreement
  • GPS location tracking
  • No-contract and 2-year agreement options
Unlocked HelpWatch
Full smartwatch experience - easy to use alert.
  • Everything included in the Basic HelpWatch package
  • Heart rate, step count, and Samsung Health fitness tracking
  • Phone and text apps for non-emergencies
  • Tele-health integration coming soon at no additional charge!!
  • No-contract and 2-year agreement options


  • No phone or special set-up necessary.

  • Easy to use magnetic charger. 

  • Obvious “Cancel” button to eliminate false alerts.

  • Two way voice communication directly from the watch.

  • All day battery life.


  • Discrete “Help” button with sound and vibration feedback.

  • Alerts go to your emergency contacts. 

  • GPS location shared with all emergency contacts.


  • Best in class watch devices.

  • Perfect size for small wrists.

  • Customizable watch band.

  • Unlimited alerts, calls, and texts.​

  • You decide the best next steps in an emergency.  No unwanted ambulance trips or hospitalization.

Tech Specs
Unlimited 1-touch emergency alerts
Customized emergency contacts
GPS/location tracking
LTE included
Over one day battery life
Battery life indicator
Phone and text apps for non-emergencies
Heart rate checks
Step count
Samsung Health and workout tracking
WiFi connectivity